The Friday night youth group will be a safe place for the youth of ICOI to develop their Muslim identity. The youth group will serve to foster a positive Muslim identity and a connection to other Muslim youth. An Islamic identity will be gained through discussion, introspection, and the modeling of youth mentors. Bonding and social activities will serve to create lasting relationships as well as a positive sentiment towards the masjid. The main objective is to provide support to empower ICOI’s youth spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Through an interactive, engaging, and supportive atmosphere ICOI’s Youth Program will offer a relevant curriculum to young American Muslims in a way that evokes critical thinking and character development to promote a confident Muslim identity and foster a sense of social awareness that promotes activism.


Youth will attain an understanding of their purpose in life, and the true message of Islam; God-consciousness. The youth will be in possession of a set of skills allowing them to understand how to live Islam on a daily basis. The youth will have developed a connection to their God, themselves, their community, and to their masjid.