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Foundation stone

Sponsor 1 SQ FT

A $100 Contribution symbolizes your vital role in shaping the future of our vibrant village

Cornerstone Contributor

Sponsor 10 SQ FT

With a $1,000 Contribution, you take a significant stride in building a hub for education, business, and wellness.

Pillar of the Community

Sponsor 50 SQ FT

A $5,000 Contribution embodies your monumental dedication to creating a center that is more than just a masjid—it is a dynamic village in itself.

Be Part of Our Expanded Vision: The New ICOI Expansion

You are sponsoring a piece of our future—a piece that holds the essence of our vision:

  • Spiritual events that enlightens the souls

  • Educational Classes that transform our community,

  • Outreach that connects hearts and minds,

  • Community gatherings that build unity

  • Youth activities that engages future generations 

Be a sponsor and play a pivotal role in our village’s journey!