Spiritual, Religious & Education Committee

Responsible for the planning, coordination, and execution of any and all religious programming including daily prayer services, Khatera’s after daily prayers, Friday Khutbas, and Tarawih prayers during Ramadan. On the educational front, it oversees any and all religious study programs, which may include adult Islamic education classes, weekend or after-school Islamic or Quraan halaqas. In addition, it is tasked with inviting esteemed scholars and speakers for special religious or educational programs and events.

Committee Head

Sh. Mustafa Umar


Ahmed Sidky, Dr. Sh. Haifaa Younis, Rola, Rammy, Karima


Youth Education Sub-committee: Focuses on the education of our youth through after-school programs, youth programs, and classes.

Weekend School Sub-committee: Overseeing the weekend Islamic School

New Muslim Education Sub-committee: Overseeing the education of new muslims

Headed by: Anna Bdewi & Akbar Hussaini

Next Generation Islamic Leaders Sub-committee: Overseeing the coaching and mentorship of a smaller number of upcoming spiritual and Islamic leaders