The Month of Gratitude

Ramadan 2024 Guide


**Please bring your own prayer mat & water bottle for taraweeh**

Exciting news! Our ICOI parking plan has expanded to offer over 600 parking spots, with priority given to the elderly, special needs, and those carpooling. Plus, we'll be running four shuttles every night from 7 PM to 11 PM for added convenience.

In an effort to further enhance accessibility, we're offering the opportunity to bid for 15 premium parking spots located close to the masjid. This initiative aims to provide added convenience for those who may benefit from proximity. We remain committed to inclusivity and ensuring that all community members have access to parking options. Check out the map and zone details below. We can't wait to welcome you!

Parking is permissible in the following areas (with a few exceptions): 

We kindly request adherence to the following parking guidelines to ensure smooth operations:

Zone 1: Special needs, Elderly, and Carpoolers (3+)

Address: New Horizon Elementary School, 1 Truman, Irvine, CA 92620

Parking in this zone is limited to 30 spots. Priority access is granted to those with special needs, the elderly, and carpoolers (3+). Please refrain from moving any cones blocking spots.

Zone 2: Carpoolers (3+)

Address: The South Coast Chinese Cultural Center, 9 Truman St, Irvine, CA 92620

150 designated spaces are available for carpooled vehicles (3+). Parking in staff-designated areas is prohibited, as these spaces are exclusively reserved for SCCCA staff. Only vehicles with parking passes or actively charging electric vehicles are permitted here.

Zone 3: Open for All

Address: ICOI Village, 5540 Trabucco, Irvine, CA 92620

400 spaces are accessible here, with continuous shuttle service from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Zone 4: Open for All

Albertsons & Kohls Parking Spots

Parking in three separate areas is limited to 60 spots.

Zone 5: For special needs, elderly and auctioned spaces

Address: 2 Truman, Irvine, CA 92620

Please refrain from parking in restricted areas, including 

  • The beginning of Truman St.
  • The business center next to ICOI
  • On Roosevelt Street
  • Any area in the Albertson's parking lot not clearly marked below.
  • Neighboring Business Centers
  • Northwood Apartments
  • Also DO NOT park your car in any fire lanes, within 20 feet of any fire hydrant, and never double-park your car at any time. Irvine PD will cite you and your vehicle may be towed, if it is causing an obstruction or violation.

In our continuous efforts to enhance the spiritual tranquility of our prayer space, we are introducing new guidelines this year. We kindly request that children do not roam freely in the salat area, to minimize disruptions and address concerns raised by our community members. 

To accommodate our young attendees and their families, we are offering the following options:

Utopia Children’s Program: Aged 5-9:

We are excited to introduce a specially designed program, offered by Utopia Institute, for our younger members, tailored to engage and educate them in a nurturing environment. Please note that this is a paid program, crafted with care to ensure a meaningful experience for your children.

Address: 5520 Trabuco, Irvine, CA 92620

Cost: Free


Women with Children 4 and under During Salat:

We warmly encourage mothers with young children to utilize the side classroom during prayers for a more comfortable experience.

We sincerely hope these new measures and offerings will enrich your and your family's experience within our community. Your understanding, cooperation, and support in maintaining the sanctity of our prayer space are deeply appreciated.

Daily Live streaming of Quran recitation of the juz will take place here. Please note that half of the Juz will be recited before taraweeh and the other half will be read during the taraweeh prayers.

  • Start Day: Sunday, March 10th, 2024
  • 8 Rakat of Taraweeh with a khatira after 4 rakat
  • Taraweeh starts 10 minutes after Isha'a
  • Khatmul Quran: Sunday, April 7th | 29th night of Ramadan

This year, Hala Café will offer a selection of both cold and hot beverages at the ICOI MPR for the entire month of Ramadan.

They will also be offering iftar meals for sale on Fridays and Saturdays. See the link below to make your purchase

Click Here To Order Iftar



I’tikaf begins Saturday, March 30th through April 9th, 2024

  1. The Mu'takif (the one who observes I'tikaf) will enter the masjid before sunset on the 21st night of Ramadan
  2. A registration form must be filled out and submitted to the office in person.
  3. Applicants must be 14 years of age or older to be eligible to participate in I’tikaf. Children ages 14 through 17 must have a parent sign them up for I’tikaf in person and must name an adult/chaperone who will be present with them during the entirety of the I’tikaf.
  4. A copy of a valid driver's license, a state issued identification card, student ID, valid passport or green card is needed from those who will do I’tikaf. 
  5. No one other than the registered individuals in I’tikaf will be allowed in the designated areas of I’tikaf.
  6. Only one piece of luggage per person is allowed  in the masjid.  
  7. No food or drinks are allowed in any carpeted area, with the exception of water in securely capped bottles or containers. 
  9. Suhoor will be provided for free by the masjid at the outside patio tent area.  For other meals, the microwave and mini fridge in the hallway of the West classroom is available for use. However, ICOI is not responsible for items left in that area. Please keep the area clean and be mindful of your fellow Mu’takif.
  10. From Dhuhr to the end of Taraweeh, all sleeping bags must be placed towards the back of the musallah. By the end of Dhuhr, all items MUST be in the corner. (No mattresses on the property)
  11. Lights will be turned off/dimmed for sleeping after Suhur. Please be considerate and do not disturb others who wish to rest. 
  12. There will be a quiet time after Taraweeh until Fajr set aside for individual `ibadah and sleeping. Participants are not required to sleep, but must remain quiet. Any halaqat or study sessions have to be carried out during the day time. Note that I’tikaf is a personal act, not a group endeavor. An individual’s need for quiet time will supersede a group’s need to talk or hold halaqat. Any group qiyam activity must be approved by the Religious Director or the Executive Director.
  13. Cellular phones will be allowed for emergency use only and must be in silent mode throughout the duration of I’tikaf. Those listening to Quran recitation must use an earpiece or headphones. 
  14. No buying or selling of any items is allowed inside the masjid.
  15. All participants must keep the masjid area clean, including bathroom facilities. 
  16. Showers are available for use starting at the end of taraweeh until 5pm the next day. Showers are not available for use during Friday Jumu’ah.  
  17. Please bring your own prayer mats and water bottles. 
  18. Please do not reserve I’tikaf or prayer space for people you know. For prayer, please fill in the front rows first so late comers can find space easily. Everyone has a right to space. Fill in all gaps, and get as close to your neighbor as possible. 
  19. Fold prayer rugs longitude-wise when not in use.  
  20. Everyone is requested to respect other participants, regardless of age, and make extra effort to make the I’tikaf a good experience for all. 
  21. Parking for those observing I’tikaf is permitted in ICOI’s parking lot and on Truman Street.
  22. Please bring with you items such as sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, toiletries etc. ** ICOI will not be providing any of these resources. ** 

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in removal from the premises; all brothers and sisters must cooperate with the Administration.

**Please visit the office between the hours of 5pm - 11pm to fill out a form. We will need to see your ID/License as well**

Ramadan At A Glance

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