Full Prayer Schedule

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How Iqaamah Times Are Calculated at ICOI

For Fajr: Look at the time of sunrise every Sunday, subtract 40 minutes, round up or down to the nearest ten minute mark. Minutes 1-5 round down. Minutes 6-9 round up. Times only change on Sunday and not on the first of the month.


  • Fri July 1st is not a Sunday so the time from June 30 will continue at 5:00AM
  • Sun Jul 3 is 5:45 sunrise, minus 40m is 5:05, round down to 5:00
  • Sun Jul 10 is 5:48 sunrise, minus 40m is 5:08, round up to 5:10
  • Sun Jul 17 is 5:52 sunrise, minus 40m is 5:12, round down to 5:10
  • Sun Jul 24 is 5:57 sunrise, minus 40m is 5:17, round up to 5:20
  • Sun Jul 31 is 6:02 sunrise, minus 40m is 5:22, round down to 5:20
For Isha: Look at the entrance time and make sure there are at least five minutes between adhan and iqaamah, otherwise round up to the nearest ten minute mark. Examples
  • May 2 was 8:50 so isha at 9:00
  • May 8 was 8:56 so isha rounded up to 9:10
  • May 15 is 9:03 so isha rounded down to 9:10
  • May 22 is 9:10 so isha is 9:20
  • May 29 is 9:16 so isha rounded up to 9:30
There is no upper limit for Fajr, so on Nov 5 sunrise is at 7:14AM which makes fajr at 6:30AM.
There is a lower limit for Isha of 7PM. So on Nov 23 Isha enters at 5:56PM which would make it at 6:10PM. However, the lower limit makes it at 7PM instead.