Outreach Committee

Acting as the external arm of the ICOI, the Outreach Committee engages in activities that project the masjid’s positive influence into the broader community. This committee leads in interfaith dialogues, collaborates with non-Muslim organizations, and builds relationships with political candidates. By focusing on external relations and collaborative projects, it aims to both clarify misconceptions about Islam and Muslims and create a collaborative, symbiotic relationship with other communities and organizations. Through these engagements, the committee enhances ICOI’s social capital and contributes to a better understanding of Islam in the wider societal context.

Committee Head

Sr. Atiya

Board Members

Sr. Mariam


Dawah Subcommittee: Focused on Spreading the message of Islam, working in close contact with NMSG for welcoming and integrating new muslims

Interfaith Subcommittee: Focused on establishing relationships with other non-profit organizations. Organizing and coordinating interfaith events.

Headed by: Br. Akbar Hussaini

Civic Engagement Subcommittee: Responsible for mobilizing and empowering individuals within the community to participate in civic activities, advocate for social and political change, and contribute to the betterment of society