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Membership FAQs

We have created this FAQ to briefly answer some common questions regarding the Membership Model, Election Process, and ICOI Governance. Please refer to the Current Bylaws by clicking here for additional details.

Membership/Election FAQ’s

What is an “Active” Member and a “Voting” Member?
An “Active” Member is an individual who meets all the qualifications outlined in ICOI’s Bylaws and who submits a complete Application Form and pays the ICOI Member fees. A “Voting” Member is an individual who has maintained Active Member status for 2 years (see exceptions) and who is subsequently eligible to vote during ICOI Membership Meetings.
How long do I need to be a member before I can vote?
Members must be “Active” for 2 years (i.e. hold valid status and payments for 2 years) to become “Voting” members. Please note this requirement is reduced in the Transition Period (defined as the years of 2015 and 2016) to 3 months in 2015 and 12 months in 2016 to accelerate initial membership growth.
How long does someone need to be a member before becoming eligible to be elected?
Members must be “Active” for 2 years (i.e. hold valid status and payments for 2 years) to become eligible to be elected to the Board. Please note this requirement is reduced in the Transition Period (defined as the years of 2015 and 2016) to 3 months in 2015 and 12 months in 2016 to accelerate initial membership growth.
Do all Board Directors need to be members?
Appointed (not Elected) Board members (under the Hybrid model – see Bylaws) do not have to be members. Appointed members shall represent less than 25% of the Board, and are selected by the Board to ensure diverse skillsets (e.g. legal knowledge, finance knowledge, etc.)
What are the different types of members?
There are 4 types of Members: Active, Voting, Honorary, and Inactive
What is Honorary Membership?
Honorary membership is awarded to individuals who made significant efforts and valuable contributions to ICOI. It is supplementary and, if awarded, an Honorary member can still be eligible for Voting Member status and Board Director status if all criteria are met.
How are Board Directors chosen?
Board Directors are either: elected by the Voting Members, selected by the Executive Council (temporarily until EC gets dissolved later), or appointed under the Hybrid Model (only 20-25% of Board can be appointed). Please see Bylaws for a description of these stages.
What happens if a member stops paying dues?
Suspension of membership will occur after 3 months of non-payment. Automatic Termination will occur after 6 months of non-payment. Automatically terminated members cannot apply for reinstatement until after 6 months from date of termination.
What are membership dues?
Individuals: $10/month or $120/year; and Families: $20/month or $240/year.
What are the benefits of membership?
The major benefits are being able to participate in governance of your masjid. This includes the right to vote, being eligible to be elected to the Board, and participate in major decisions regarding the future of ICOI. The Board will continue to research other types of benefits such as discounts, privileges, special events etc… but these are still being developed.
What is the structure of the ICOI Board?
The board has an odd number of members – minimum 7 and maximum 15 (preferred target of 13 members). Terms are 2 years with a maximum of 2 terms. Board Directors who complete 2 terms can be elected once again after 6 years from end of 2nd term.
What are the Officer positions on the Board?
The board will have 3 Officers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer); they will be chosen by the Board each year.
Does the Board have any seats for people with special skills?
The Board will consist of at least 4 seats for individuals with the following functional expertise: Legal / Financial / Operations / Sales-Marketing
How often are elections?
Elections are held every November, and newly elected members start January 1st. For transition years 2015 and 2016, elections can be held any time and more frequently as determined by the Board.
How many members need to be present for elections to be valid?
Quorum for elections is 30% of Voting Members; and a minimum of 30 Voting Members must be present (i.e. even if only 50 members exist, and 30% of them show up, the election cannot be held since the minimum count was not met).
Can I cast all my votes for one candidate?
In the elections Cumulative Voting is not allowed. For example, if elections require each Voting Member to choose the “Top 3 Candidates” then if the member chooses a single name for all three, it does NOT count as 3 votes for that candidate, and will only count as one vote.
What controls will be in place to ensure community members don’t sign up for a membership for elections and then cancel their membership until the next election?
Membership qualifications have various requirements to protect from this, including the requirement that members have active status for 2 years prior to elections. Please see ICOI Bylaws for more examples and risk mitigations.
I understand one of the requirements for membership will be to reside in Orange County. How will this be validated?
It will be validated during the General Membership Meetings when voting on issues takes place. Government-issued ID will be required to verify the identity and address.
Are there any controls to ensure community members don’t manipulate elections by paying for a significant amount of ICOI memberships for individuals who are not otherwise engaged/part of the ICOI community?
Members have to meet qualifications and attend in person for elections. Please see ICOI Bylaws for more information on membership qualifications and requirements.
What is the “Transition Period”, and why does it exist?
The Transition Period is calendar years 2015 and 2016 (as further defined in the ICOI Bylaws) and is the initial period that we expect will be needed to bring the new Governance Model to a steady state. During that period, some conditions of the Bylaws may not apply (for example, the requirement to be a member for two years before voting…) in order to facilitate the growth of ICOI’s new Membership Model.
Where can I get answers to other questions that I have?
We appreciate your interest in learning more about ICOI’s new Membership/Election process and we are happy to answer all your questions. ICOI will be holding ongoing Community Engagement Forums – please be sure to attend. You may also speak with any Board member, Membership Committee member or volunteer, and the Office Staff during office hours. You can also send us your question(s) at