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A Friendly Reminder

(Published: 10-14-2020)

As-Salaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullaah.

It is clear that the topic of conversation on some of our electronic-based forums and committees has drifted over to political policy discussions and candidate suitability as related to the upcoming elections. Needless to say, this could directly jeopardize our status as a nonprofit under 501c. The forum in question on this occasion has been shut down completely.

This is a friendly reminder to everyone involved as an ICOI contributor to keep all discussions away from political policies and candidates up for election, good or bad.

We would also like to remind you and ourselves that we are here to serve, and it is unlikely that everyone will have the same ideas on how to achieve that goal, whether inside or outside the masjid. Let’s not lose sight of how we serve the masjid and Who we truly are trying to please. Remaining courteous, exercising patience and excellence when perhaps others around you do not, are all attributes that can only get us closer to who we need to be. May we all be guided correctly, InshAllah.

— ICOI Board