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Students will be taught two main subjects: Islamic studies and Qur’anic studies. An additional Arabic language course is optional for interested families.

Islamic Studies:

Students will learn the fundamentals of Islam, including belief (aqeedah), worship (ibada), life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH (seerah), Islamic history, and character education (akhlaq) in a relevant and engaging manner.

Quranic Studies:

Students will memorize specific portions of the Qur’an, learn vocabulary, and engage in in-depth discussion and application of the meanings of the respective verses. In addition, the students will learn to read the Qur’an at an intermediate level. The aim is for students to be able to read, understand, and reflect on the Quran.

Arabic Language:

This optional class will focus on the conversation, grammar, and reading of Modern Standard Arabic.

Additionally, AIM Weekend School seeks to:

  • Promote project-based learning
  • Increase field trips and group activities to foster unity and friendships
  • Focus on leadership and social responsibility