Community Development

Creates meaningful connections among ICOI members. This committee oversees activities that bring the community together, such as day trips, Eid celebrations, and special events. Beyond fostering a sense of belonging within the existing community, it also focuses on expanding membership and raising funds for ICOI’s various initiatives. Through partnerships with other Muslim organizations and hosting community-strengthening events like picnics and sports days, the committee endeavors to make ICOI a cornerstone for Muslim life in the broader community.

Committee Head

Br. Nabil Galal


Friday Night Sub-committee: Focused on Family Friday Nights

Fundraising Sub-committee: Focused on fundraising throughout the year

Women’s Sub-committee: Focused on womens’ social and community events and experiences

Ramadan and Eid Sub-committee: Focused on the activities of Ramadan and Eid that bring the community together (and connecting us with other communities)

Young Professionals: Focused on connecting and engaging young professionals (post college)