Community Assistance Program Committee

Functioning as the charitable and social welfare arm of ICOI, this committee oversees initiatives related to social justice, poverty alleviation, and community well-being. It is responsible for the proper collection and distribution of obligatory alms like Zakah and voluntary donations like Sadaqah. Programs could range from food drives to educational scholarships for underprivileged community members. By doing so, the committee not only fulfills the religious obligations of ICOI’s community but also makes a tangible impact on the lives of those it serves, thereby manifesting the masjid’s mission in the most concrete terms.

Committee Head

Mohy Abdelghany


Maha Rayan, Saleem Sattar


Charity Distribution: Focused on the collection and distribution of Zakat and Sadaqah

Janazah Sub-committee: Focused on the support and facilitation of funeral and burial services

Wellness and Mental Health Sub-committee: Focused on the wellness and mental health of our community