College Scholarships and Vocational Trainings

College Scholarships

This program is intended to help students with limited financial resources and no access to financial aid or student loans to pursue their higher education.

Additional requirements to qualify include maintaining a certain GPA and being willing to dedicate a certain number of hours monthly to the ICOI Community Assistance Program (CAP).

ICOI is looking for generous sponsors to help the selected students in pursuing their college education and becoming self-sufficient.

To donate to this program you can write a check to ICOI and specify in the memo section “College Scholarships Fund” or you can donate online here by selecting College Scholarships.

Students who would like to apply must contact the ICOI office and request the College Scholarship Application.


Vocational Training

Our beloved Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) instructs us to help those are able-bodied to learn a trade/skill to become self-reliant. ICOI is planning to work with various organizations and individuals to develop suitable programs to enable those who are unemployed and seeking employment in our local community to learn a new skill/trade.

More information about these specific offerings will be available soon.