Arabic 101

The Commander of the Believers, Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Learn the Arabic language. For indeed, it is a part of your religion.

Are you frustrated with relying on translations? Do you stand in prayer & cannot comprehend what’s being recited? Do you listen to a hadeeth in a khutbah & have to wait for its rough & approximate translation? Well, don’t overlook yet another golden opportunity to learn the language, which is the key to comprehending the Book of Allah & the statements of the best human being, peace be upon him, to ever set foot on this planet & who although is buried under the green dome at a distance of 8,158 miles from Irvine, is always near & dear to our hearts.

Set of 3 textbooks from the Islamic University in al-Madinah. They are available on-line or at Jareer Bookstore in Anaheim.


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Student Feedback

Bushra Azam, Irvine, CA

I am a student of Islam. I am giving the 3rd year finals of Aalimah course. I gave 4 papers so far and I received an A+ for all the papers and it has all happened because of this class.

Before starting the class, I had a hard time in tashkeel (in order to grammatically analyze the role of words) but now my results are showing. Allhamdulillah taking your classes have been really beneficial for me.

After each Saturday class session, Asif and I say one thing: “It is worth spending two hours.”

Rizal Hafiz, Garden Grove, CA

Alhamdulillah I learned about the Arabic class at ICOI through a friend who was also a student. I have been learning Arabic part time for many years at different places prior to ICOI. I have never been in a class where both the teacher and students are so enthusiastic and dedicated to the learning of the Arabic language like in Br Timur’s class. As I advance through the lessons in the class, my understanding of Arabic has significantly improved, and through this class I have a much higher appreciation of the details in the Quran and Hadeeth.

Jazakumullahu khair Br Timur for your service to the community and to the deen through this language. May Allah be pleased with your tireless efforts, the way you have so much enjoyed learning and teaching Arabic!

May Allah SWT reward those who facilitate, teach, learn, comprehend and implement the Qur’an. Ameen

Walid Yosafi, Huntington Beach, CA

The only purpose of my dear respected Usthadh Timur for the Arabic class is to bring his students closer to Allah SWT through His Spoken Words, the Illuminated Qur’an. Therefore, it is a form of Ibaadah just attending the class. That alone should be enough motivation for a Saalik/Seeker to attend the class. A person who excels in comprehending the material compared to the one who has great challenges in the class have the same reward, InshaAllah! SubhanAllah! That is from the mercy of Allah SWT!

Usthadh Timur has an unrelenting passion for comprehending and teaching the Quran. That passion and energy is present in every session of the class, which naturally transfers to his students and makes one look forward to each session.

Undoubtedly, the class has had a direct impact on the quality of my ibadah, specifically my Salah. By better understanding the words that Allah SWT is communicating to His slaves, it naturally leads to having Khushu in salah. If your daily challenge is absent mindedness and maintaining focus in your Ibadah, then attending the Arabic class regularly is the answer.

Arabic language by its nature is extremely vast. Therefore, the seemingly unending rules of grammar in each chapter can feel overwhelming at times. However, by the grace of Allah SWT, a student definitely knows more than he/she can express outwardly in spoken language. That has certainly been my experience, Alhamdullilah.

Attending the class has absolutely made my relation with the Qur’an more enlightening.

Lastly, If any of the following thoughts come to your mind to persuade you away from the class, KNOW that they are certainly the whispers of Shaythaan:

“You’re too busy and don’t have time. You are definitely not qualified to learn it. It is not your native language and it’s too difficult to learn. There is no point in learning it since it’s just once a week and you will not be able to speak it or practice it in this society. You are too old to learn it now. You will do it at the next opportunity…..”

Muhammad Ali, Houston, TX

“I am thankful to Almighty Allah that He gave me a chance to learn the language of His book from such a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed and benefited from this course. I want to say a big thanks to my teacher as well.”

Mayesha Awal, Chicago, IL

I found the course through a Google search alhamdulillah, and it was the will of Allah (SWT), as it is exactly the course I was looking for. Brother Timur is an excellent instructor because he is very knowledgeable, passionate in teaching, and wants the best for every student. Even though I initially audited the course, I have learned greatly from the Qur’an verses and hadiths that are reviewed. It has taught me a methodological approach when reading the Qur’an. The course is further enriched by the diversity of learning tools that are utilized such as videos, short skits, and much more. The course itself has motivated me to prepare prior to the next session, which I am joining inshallah.

Nusrat Qazi, Irvine, CA

I am an Arabic grammar student in Ustadh Abu Rasheed’s class for two and half years. I have tried two different Arabic grammar courses before this. I must say that I am not only impressed by his way of teaching but his dedication to his students and his passion for the Arabic language.

His class once a week on Saturday is something I look forward to and it is so enjoyable and interesting that two hours fly by so fast. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning Arabic grammar to try learning with him.

Sayem Uzair, Irvine, CA

Alhamdulillah, we benefited immensely from the Arabic language lessons. I can speak and understand language of Quran better than before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ashikul & Khaleda Islam, Irvine, CA

Brother Timur made this class easier to understand and its contents by introducing new vocabulary and other learning methods.

We want to take a moment and let you know how much we have benefited by learning from him.

His analytical method of teaching has greatly helped us to understand the meaning and grammatical aspects of Qur’anic verses.

We thank him for his kindness and for being a wonderful and amazing teacher who went out his way to teach us Arabic class.

Ahmed Syed, Santa Ana, CA

I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing journey. Thanks to a very knowledgeable and patient teacher, I enjoy reading the Quran and get overwhelmed by both the warnings of painful punishments as well as glad tidings of blissful end! May Allah make us from the ones who will have bliss in the hereafter (aameen).

Brother Taimur has been phenomenal all this time. I never had a teacher like him before. He enjoys teaching Arabic with passion. I can easily say that he has sacrificed a lot more time into teaching than me into learning. His teaching style is unique. He brings lot more material than just the text books to the class. In this class I have learned:

Ameena Hamdi, Irvine, CA

I enjoyed taking class with Br. Timur. The class helped me improve my Arabic vocabulary & grammar. Since I took grammar before, this course served as a total refresher for me.

Hasan Burak Uzun, Irvine, CA

I was looking for an opportunity to have a deeper connection with the Quran, hadeeth and other Islamic resources and this class opened the doors for me to start learning the beautiful language that Allah chose to reveal the last revelation in. I would recommend it to any one looking to start learning Arabic with similar goals. The dedication and love you had for the language motivated me to stay the course and the emphasis on Quran and hadeeth throughout the class made the journey worthwhile.

Shazia Emran, Irvine, CA

I would not be able to learn Arabic grammar without your class. The Arabic classes helped me understand the Quran better and it came in handy when trying to memorize any portion of Quran. JazakAllah khairan

The current class is in the final volume of the text and is not accepting any more students at this time. If you would like enroll in the next class, please complete the Interest Form below and click on SUBMIT button at the bottom.