ICOI Facility Usage Policy

As we welcome each and every member of our community to benefit from the services we are able to provide here at the Islamic Center of Irvine; we humbly request every person/organization to follow procedure in using the facility. This applies equally to everybody.

  1. No books/Qur’ans are to be removed from the mosque premises under any condition. If Qur’ans are required, and if we have any extra copies; we would have those available at the front desk.
  2. No classes or meetings are to be held at ICOI except with expressed approval of the ICOI Board. This approval can easily be obtained by writing a letter to the Board who will review the request and reply in writing.

 NB: ICOI is not aligned to any organization nor is it meant to be seen or used as a base for any organization. Any activity requires the following of due procedure; and NO ONE IS EXCUSED FROM THIS AT ANY TIME



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