Executive Council

Dr. Sohail Simjee
Yasmeen Ahussain
Ikbal Kolsy

Board of Directors

Chairman & President:

Nabeel Gareeb

Vice Chairman & Secretary:     

Ahmed Elmalky

Vice President & CFO:

Michelle Nashef


Umer Habib

Facilities & IT:

Mazhar Latif

Nabeel Gareeb was born in Karachi, Pakistan and immigrated to the United States in 1982. He has a Bachelors degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in Engineering Management. Nabeel spent his career in the technology industry, most recently in leadership roles for public companies. He retired in 2009 and since then has been managing his personal investments, funding startup companies, and assisting non–profit organizations.  

Fun facts: Nabeel enjoys playing golf and driving cars.


Ahmed Elmalky was born in Kuwait and raised in Kuwait, U.K., and Egypt. He graduated from The American University of Cairo with a degree in Construction Management/Civil Engineering, and later obtained his MBA degree after moving to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in 1997. Ahmed worked at Bechtel International, Citigroup, American Airlines and currently manages the Strategic Sourcing & Contracts department at Toyota USA's headquarters in Torrance.  At American Airlines he was President of the Muslim Employee Resource Group. He has also served on the Board of the Islamic Center of Irving, Texas and currently serves on the Board of Crescent Food Bank, Orange County.  He has been involved with the ICOI community since moving to Irvine with his wife and two boys in late 2008, and has been on the ICOI Board of Directors since January 2014.

Fun facts: Ahmed loves biking with his sons and enjoys distance swimming.  Ahmed is an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast, delights in super-long road trips, and hasn't been demoralized by hours of daily LA traffic (yet). 


Michelle Nashef was born in South Korea and has resided in Irvine since 1986. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and is currently working as a Network Engineer/Architect. Michelle was raised in a fundamentalist Christian family and after almost 20 years of trying to reconcile her beliefs, found peace in Islam in 2004. She has been a part of the ICOI community since her reversion. As an advocate for new Muslims, the poor, and women in crisis, Michelle has served on the Social Committee and helped found the New Muslim Support Group at ICOI. Michelle was invited to join the Board of Directors in 2013.

Fun facts: In her spare time, Michelle enjoys watching HGTV and cruising through the orange groves of California on her motorcycle.


Umer Habib was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and currently works as a Senior Quality Management Engineer at the Capital Group Companies. Umer has volunteered at ICOI since 2009, during which he helped establish several committees to provide a platform for volunteers. Umer joined the Board of Directors at ICOI in 2012 and currently serves as Treasurer. He has resided in Irvine since 2007.

Fun facts: Umer enjoys gardening in his spare time, growing herbs, veggies, and fruits in his backyard. 


Mazhar Latif co-founded Coraxis Corporation in 2001.  Prior to that he worked as a Sr. Software Engineer for for 1 year and EnPointe Technologies for 3 years. Mazhar earned his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He was born and raised in Gujrat, Pakistan.  He came to the United States in 1998, where he has lived in Southern California ever since. Mazhar has been part of the ICOI community for the 9 years.

Fun facts: Mazhar is an avid Cricket player and loves to travel. 


If you wish to reach the Board, you can do so by selecting “Board of Directors” on our contact page.



A copy of the ICOI By-Laws can be downloaded for review by clicking here.


Proposed Membership Structure

The Proposed Membership Structure can be downloaded by clicking here.


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