Upgrade ICOI, Upgrade your Sadaqa Jariya (Residual Charity)

ICOI is in the process of upgrading many key features that will enhance the way that your Islamic Center is utilized.  Alhamdulillah, ICOI is nearing 7 years old now, and it is time to do some work to keep things in good working order.  Gain some Sadaqa Jariya, the charity that keeps on giving by helping your masjid!

Key Upgrades

  1. Technology Upgrade - This upgrade will allow us to not only better present any events, classes, or seminars being held at ICOI to the many who attend them at the Center, but to an audience worldwide over the Internet.
    • Network Equipment - $800
    • Computer Systems & software - $4,600
    • Wall Mounted Projector and Screens for Main Prayer Hall - $8,000
    • Wall Mounted HD Cameras - $12,000
  2. New ICOI Entrance Construction - This project will help alleviate the foot traffic jam during events at ICOI.  It entails making a second entrance to the left of the current ICOI main doors for immediate access to the upstairs prayer hall and classrooms. - $8,000
  3. Maintenance -  ICOI is showing some age, it's time to put a fresh coat of paint and other work to keep ICOI looking great!
    •  Interior Paint - $400
    • Interior Tile Sealing and repair - $600
    • Replace Broken Chairs - $1,200
    • Office Renovations - $10,000

We need your help to make these projects a success.  Sponsor one or more items mentioned above and earn some sadaqah jariyah in the process!

You can contribute in one of two ways:

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